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/!\This is a side blog! /!\ I don't have a particular fandom that's why I called this blog "Unfaithfulkpopfan" and yes it's a multifandom blog. I can hate a group and like it the seconde after!

I actually can be call a Cassie {♥} because DBSK/Homin/JYJ is one of my follow forever group but even with them I can be a really bad fan! Anyway I like to give every group a chance no matter if they are rookie or not! And that's why I'm a little in every fandom.
And yeah I ship a lot! so be prepared!!!

Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake

Proudly posing with the fish when…

Proudly posing with the fish when…

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the ever fabulous cha~

the ever fabulous cha~

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Ummachan and Papaguk trying to get Jongup in front of the camera

What a romantic date looks like with the lovely Markyeom couple.

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taejoon selca attack~

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